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Custom Jewelry


It's a word that seems to follow you around. Your style is distinctive and totally unique. The jewelry you wear and the gifts you give should be the same.

Here are just a few of Chinn Jewelry's originals. Let us make something unique for you.

Custom Rings

Celtic Jewelry

Immerse yourself in the mystic mood of the Emerald Isles with Chinn Jewelry's new Celtic collection.

Recently, Gayle wandered through the mists of Dublin, Ireland in search of pieces of unique and stylish Irish jewelry with a craftsmanship that bespeaks the lore of ancient artisans that first crafted them.

And he found them. Necklaces, rings, earrings, crossses and more featuring Claddagh Celtic Knots, Shamrocks and real, yes that's right – real, four leaf clovers – made of Sterling Silver and 10-14kt Gold.

The Celtic people were well known for the mysterious and repetitive designs of the Ancient Celtic symbols which they used extensively in their jewelery, clothing, weapons, objects of worship and other everyday items. The Celts even painted various Ancient Celtic symbols on their bodies with blue dye to intimidate enemies during battle.

celtic cross  celtic earrings trinity triangle  celtic clover  claddagh ring

What do all these symbols mean?

  • Celtic Cross: Symbolizes the bridge to other worlds and to higher energy and knowledge. Also symbolizes the blending of the Celtic and Christian tradition with the weaved lattice work & fancy knots of typical Celtic design.
  • Celtic Oval: The flowing knotwork of the oval symbolizes eternal life and unending love.
  • Celtic Round: The out circle symbolizes the sun (giver of life) which encloses the knots representing earth, fire and water.
  • Celtic Triangle: Symbolizes the Holy Trinity, continuity, fidelity and inner strength.

Sterling Silver Jewelry

sterling silver jewelry"White Heat" – Silver is making a comeback

What do today's trendsetters have in common with their counterparts in ancient Egypt?

Well, if you wanted to get past the bouncers and into Cleopatra's den, you didn't bring her gifts of gold. Gold was regarded as fairly common in ancient Egypt. Those who were reading their ancient issues of "GQ" would have draped her in silver.

Silver was regarded as the as the most precious of metals, and designers today are rediscovering why. Besides its obvious beauty, its flexibility is superior to that of gold, allowing for highly creative designs. Today, with the market's reversal of fortune, gold has become the standard in precious metals, making silver very affordable and highly versatile – an unbeatable combination.

Chinn's Jewelry's position on silver is clear. "We love it," says Gayle Chinn. "We're the only, and I say again, only jeweler I know of with a 27-foot-long wall display of silver.

"We realized a few years back that silver was going to be a precious metal of choice because it's affordable, timeless, and always enhances the look of the person wearing it. It's like magic," Gayle said. "That's why we built such a great showcase. We've got everything a person could want in silver.

"And what's also nice about it," Gayle said, "is that if you came in looking for something else and found it was a little out of your price range, we can almost always make it happen in silver."

Reflection Beads Jewelry:
What's Your Story?

Reflections Beads Jewelry

Chinn Jewelry carries a great selection of Reflections Beads, Charms and bracelets.

To learn more about how to tell your special story, visit the Reflections Beads website.